Kalimera is the ideal partner for organisations and businesses that view communications as a strategic asset in the pursuit of medium- and long-term goals.

Our work begins with the definition of the brand identity and the values that inspire it. In fact, we believe that the efficacy of processes (geared both to business and the promotion or enhancement of an asset) is directly proportional to the spread and consistency of self-awareness throughout an organisation, from the CEO to the most recent new hire.

For this reason, after 20 years of design and technology projects we have integrated organisational strategy and management support expertise, acquiring certification in IT environments strongly focused on Social Collaboration and Digital Transformation.

Below is a summary of the biggest milestones in our 20-year history.

  • 1996: Kalimera is born!

    Following a holiday in Greece, Alessandro Marani and Annalisa Rabitti launch Kalimera in via Fontanelli in Reggio Emilia. Meanwhile... in via Kennedy Davide Zanichelli and the staff of Reggio Città degli Studi had already been exploring the potential of the Internet for a year with CINECA of Bologna, and were the first in Reggio Emilia to start connecting companies, organisations and families. At Emak, Marco Pederzini was designing the first website for a company from Reggio Emilia. The internet browsers were called Mosaic and Netscape Navigator. Do you remember them?
  • 1998: Reggio Net / Dutch-Style

    Kalimera begins to establish itself in the design and communication agency sector, standing out for its innovative and “Nordic” style and producing campaigns for leading brands like Lee Jeans, Australian and Olmes Carretti. A spin-off is born from Reggio Città degli Studi: ReggioNet, which a few years later changes its name to Netribe.
  • 2000: 4-Kids

    Netribe and Kalimera begin to collaborate on a regular basis. Their first joint project is an innovative approach to the edutainment sector: 4-kids.it, where interactive animations, cartoons and educational content are combined in original learning courses distributed via the Web. A series of projects for the Archaeological Office of Pompeii, Agac (now Iren), Acea, the Hera Group, Museum System of the province of Modena and Palazzo dei Pio in Carpi follow in quick succession. Partnerships are launched with various Italian universities, including a 10-year association with the University of Siena, with research projects and tenures in the field of Digital Humanities: communications and digital technology applied to humanities and cultural heritage.
  • 2007: Palazzo Strozzi

    Netribe begins collaborating with Fondazione Palazzo Strozzi of Florence. For eight years it will oversee its digital communications, contributing to the development of interactive experiences integrated in the exhibition displays together with Marco Zanichelli of Open Stories.
  • 2009: Motion Graphics / e.Business

    One of the first agencies in Italy to make motion graphics one of its stylistic hallmarks, starting with the music videos produced for Benny Benassi Kalimera embarks on a series of collaborations with leading Italian and international advertising production companies, working for brands like Absolute Vodka, Coca-Cola, Vodafone, Kellogg’s, Puma and Marazzi. Netribe and Emak start working on the integrated digital transformation of internal and external processes, based on IBM technology.
  • 2012: Netribe Communications

    The Netribe srl business unit dedicated to communications and web marketing spins off and Netribe Communications is born. The following year Kalimera is incorporated in Netribe Comm and the new work group chooses Kalimera House as its head office. Emak begins to transform the first e-Business project into an ambitious B2B2C e-Commerce programme, again using IBM technologies and platforms: Connections, Portal and Commerce.
  • 2016: Insideout Communications

    2016 is a landmark year. Design, technology and organisational and process analysis come together. The "Insideout Communication" approach is born.
  • 2017

    In 2017 the E-One Group, Italian leader in SAP solutions, forms part of the share capital. Kalimera can therefore count on two new offices, in Milan and Siena, to further develop its markets and relations.